BREAKING NEWS!!  One of my long-time culinary heroes is off to jail tomorrow.  Thank goodness I already have her carrot cake recipe!  The details of Jenny Morris’s arrest are sketchy… but bail is set at R20 000 and she is appealing to the public (that’s you and me) to help her raise this amount.  I have it on good authority that all the money raised for her bail is going to The Sunflower Fund, a charity that does incredible work in registering bone marrow stem cell donors in South Africa.


On hearing about the imminent jail term, I asked Jenny a few questions – read on to find out what potentially might be the dish which is the key to this culinary icon’s heart.


From what time will you be jailed on 20 September 2014, and can people visit you in the Cape Quarter to offer cash donations?

Jenny says:  I’m locked up from 10am, gives people a chance to sleep in, haaaaaaaaa maybe that means me – if I don’t get my bail I might have to overnight there!! I WOULD LOVE for people to visit and lend their support and keep me company…..and cash donations will definitely be welcome..


Since its establishment in 1999, the Sunflower Fund has done exceptional work in the field of tissue typing of potential bone marrow stem cell donors to increase the Bone Marrow Stem Cell Registry of South Africa. Do you have a personal reason for supporting and getting involved with the Sunflower Fund?

Jenny says:  I have had a few friends who have had leukaemia over the years, it means a lot to me to help grow the donor bank so that people can find a match in time….more donors more success.


Hypothetically (of course!), if you were jailed for any length of time, which food would you miss the most?

Jenny says:  Mmmmmm everything, but I think the perfect poached egg would be what I miss most, they don’t do eggs to order in Jail!


For more information on this initiative contact Rachel Kotu / Janine le Roux on 021 701 0664021 701 0664 / 081 346 7746081 346 7746 or email

Follow @JennyMorrisChef & @SunflowerFund on twitter to witness the proceedings, or get down to the Cape Quarter and show your support.  I’ve just donated R20 to The Sunflower Fund by sms’ing Jail to 40555, and (because I don’t discriminate) I challenge all Foodies to do the same (or more!).


Jenny Morris goes to jail to raise funds for The Sunflower Fund
Jenny Morris goes to jail to raise funds for The Sunflower Fund