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Win a Personal Chef Experience

My current entry in Pick n Pay’s Freshly Blogged Competition has got me feeling all loved up – I want to share that love.

I’m lucky enough to have a family home in one of the most beautiful parts of Cape Town and I would like to invite you to have me cook for you there.  The place is Misty Cliffs, it is situated between Kommetjie and Scarborough, bordering on nature conservation estate.  Have a look at my current recipe on Freshly Blogged and let me know what you think by commenting on the recipe – – a wonderful relaxing lunch experience could be yours to celebrate Valentine’s Day next year.

A beautiful view for your personal chef experience!

If you would like to win a Valentine’s Day celebration lunch for 2 people at a private home in Misty Cliffs all you have to do is leave...

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Spicy Lentil and Beetroot Soup with Oriental Dried Fruit and Onion Chutney

I’m not really sure what I snacked on before the lovely Nina Timm sent an interesting looking package to me last week.  The box contained Moir’s Cream Crackers, Fairview Erik’s Goat’s Cheese Gouda and a jar of Oriental Dried Fruit and Onion Chutney.  Slowly but surely that package has been sustaining me over the past few days while I’ve been plodding through admin duties.

A delicious oriental dried fruit and onion chutney and very tasty goat's gouda cheese!

A delicious oriental dried fruit and onion chutney and very tasty goat’s gouda cheese!

Determined not to finish every bite of deliciousness before using at least one product in a culinary way, I simply topped a bowl of Spicy Lentil and Beetroot Soup with plain yoghurt and Nina Timm’s Oriental Dried Fruit and Onion Chutney.  I’ve never used chutney as a soup garnish before, but it worked!

The Spicy Lentil and Bee...

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Freshly Blogged – The Final Countdown!

This week we submitted our challenge 9 dishes for Freshly Blogged, leaving just two more challenges ahead of us.

With the end in sight, win or loose we must part with Freshly Blogged. It’s been the most incredible journey of growth I could ever have dreamed about. I’ve worked alongside some fabulously creative food bloggers, entering a unique inner circle and learning so much. I’ve pushed the boundaries of my own cooking, challenging myself to cook-out-the-box and surprising myself with new flavours, techniques and the sense of pride you achieve when you do something well.

My goal was to write about Freshly Blogged weekly, expanding on my inspiration, detailing techniques from my recipes. In reality, I didn’t expect to get further than the first 2 challenges...

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Meaty Moments – Freshly Blogged Challenge 2!

Happily no-one in the challenge has been chopped yet – but I still feel incredibly lucky to be in the competition 🙂

At first, this week’s challenge looked starkingly simple.  Who wouldn’t make a stew and dumplings when given beef shin, a Knorr Stock Pot and beef suet to work with?  The room for playing came in the form of a PnP soup mix.  As easy as it would be to throw all the ingredients of the pack into the stew and come out with something delicious, I wanted to have something more on the plate than a hearty stew.  It had never occured to me to buy the soup mix and use it for anything else than my nourishing whole free-range chicken soup...

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Frozen Assets – Freshly Blogged Challenge 1!

It is ironic that my first challenge for Freshly Blogged was the last time I cooked in my Noordhoek home.  In early July, my son and I moved from the suburban part of Noordhoek to our new rental property in the quaint collection of Harfield Village cottages. 

And so it was with pure elation that I set to work transforming the ingredients of the first challenge – eager to enjoy my last precious moments spent cooking in that now familiar space.  Knowing that the next week I would be getting used to new cupboard space, work surfaces and an unfamiliar oven; made me appreciate the galley-like kitchen even more. 

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The Freshly Blogged Competition 2013

Please visit the Freshly Blogged site and support my recipes by voting for them!


Food Bloggers around South Africa are intensely obsessed with the very first competition of it’s kind – “Freshly Blogged” by Pick n Pay, including Knorr and Spekko as sponsors.
I am thrilled to be one of the chosen few who will be participating in this online food writing competition.  Every Monday (from 8 July 2013) I will post a link to my recipe on the Freshly Blogged site and encourage you to vote for me… which will keep me in the competition.
For as long as I am in the competition (which I am aiming to be the final!), I will upload a weekly post on the ingredients and challenge we were given, an explanation on what inspired me to create my recipe and a photo diary on how I made the recip...
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