This week we submitted our challenge 9 dishes for Freshly Blogged, leaving just two more challenges ahead of us.

With the end in sight, win or loose we must part with Freshly Blogged. It’s been the most incredible journey of growth I could ever have dreamed about. I’ve worked alongside some fabulously creative food bloggers, entering a unique inner circle and learning so much. I’ve pushed the boundaries of my own cooking, challenging myself to cook-out-the-box and surprising myself with new flavours, techniques and the sense of pride you achieve when you do something well.

My goal was to write about Freshly Blogged weekly, expanding on my inspiration, detailing techniques from my recipes. In reality, I didn’t expect to get further than the first 2 challenges. Since making it past those early challenges, I have been both utterly overwhelmed and obsessed by the competition. Every waking moment has focussed on devising and preparing recipes, wishing and canvassing for votes, being in awe of the creations from the other ladies.

Thinking back to the beginning… Asking to enter the competition (I wasn’t invited like most contestants – I still don’t know what a spekboom is!), receiving the nod that I could take part, nearly pulling out before the start because of the fear that my food, writing, styling and photography wouldn’t be at the level it should be.

This world of blogging is a new arena to me, it’s where I’ve wanted to be when I blogged on Food24 briefly in 2008. It’s where I’ve wanted to be all my life really – writing something that maybe a few people would want to read, writing something about a subject that I am literally in love with.

And here I am. Just being me. Competing in the very final stages of South Africa’s first online food blogging competition – run by retail giant, Pick n Pay and Fresh Living magazine (my all time favourite local mag). It’s finally dawned on me that this Friday (today) I will receive an email containing the second last challenge.

Hey folks, that’s Me! Yes, that’s me! That’s me at the very end of something… Maybe finishing something for the first time in my life…

Perhaps on Monday the dream will end. But if Monday arrives, and I am chopped, the sense of achievement at trying my best until the very end and the connections I have made during this journey will stay with me forever.  At last I am over the shell-shock of not having been chopped after the first few challenges – my confidence is revived and I feel the urge to write and share my wonderful love affair of experiencing ingredients turned into meals and all the joy that abounds in the culinary world.

I am honoured to have been involved in this competition and to have stood on this platform so early in my days of food blogging.
Life will always be forever FAB!


Challenge 8 involved turning a chicken into art.  We chose the artist who inspired us the most and developed a recipe using Pick n Pay Free Range Chicken and Sedgwick’s Old Brown Sherry and tasty chorizo sausage.  With the influence of those ingredients, I came up with a dish named “My Spanish Chick”, inspired by the quirky chef-themed artwork of Frans Groenewald.  The prize for the person with the most votes this week is a Philips Jamie Oliver Homecooker… now that is worth Cooking my Art Out for!!