It is ironic that my first challenge for Freshly Blogged was the last time I cooked in my Noordhoek home.  In early July, my son and I moved from the suburban part of Noordhoek to our new rental property in the quaint collection of Harfield Village cottages. 


And so it was with pure elation that I set to work transforming the ingredients of the first challenge – eager to enjoy my last precious moments spent cooking in that now familiar space.  Knowing that the next week I would be getting used to new cupboard space, work surfaces and an unfamiliar oven; made me appreciate the galley-like kitchen even more. 


The excitement really began when my Freshly Blogged Notebook was hand delivered to me!  I couldn’t believe I was actually going to put myself out there and compete… what an honour!  The excitement hasn’t really worn off.  I am so grateful for this opportunity – and the challenge to get creative and test myself in the kitchen.


Stir frying veg is one of my favourite ways of cooking vegetables, so I wanted to stay true to the purpose of Findus Wok Thai vegetables.  I found that cooking vegetables from frozen was actually a fantastic way to do it – because the ice around the vegetables steams them as you cook, so you use less oil.


The preparation of the pineapple relish filled phyllo triangles takes the longest to prepare, but it is worth it to add a zing to the stir fried veg stack.


The elements of my dish were chosen for their texture, flavour and visual appeal.  I was particularly happy with the sweet-sour flavour of the candied orange, and enhanced this with the PnP garlic, ginger and dhania paste – no peeling and chopping, so simple to use!


When I conceptualised the dish as a whole, I thought about each individual element and how it would come together on the plate.  I wanted a neat, symmetrical arrangement – true to the presentation of many Eastern dishes.


You can view the recipe on the Freshly Blogged website – and please keep a look out for my recipes for the challenges of the weeks to come!


Week 2’s “Meaty Moments” theme has just gone live – you can view it here.  All votes cast in my direction are much appreciated! And I promise to write up a picture diary of this experience cooking in the next few days!