And in other news… I am honoured to be chosen by Tandy Sinclair of Lavender and Lime to host this month’s
“I Made It” Challenge.

The Challenge that I’m both excited and apprehensive to present is the intimidating (to me at least) and classic dish, Cassoulet.

Many moons ago, I invited my cousin for dinner. I asked him what he’d like me to make. He told me that he absolutely loved Cassoulet. I pretended to know what he was talking about, as us seasoned cooks are supposed to have a encyclopedic knowledge of all things culinary. It sounded French, so I turned to the guru of French cooking, Julia Child.

Upon finding the recipe in Mastering the Art, I found out that Julia Child’s recipe for Cassoulet is 3 pages long, and you could feed hungry people for week’s on the cost… Needless to say, I thought b*gger that! And my cousin got steak for dinner.

But since then, Cassoulet is something I’ve wanted to attempt. And the “I Made It Challenge” is the perfect opportunity to conquer the fear (possibly the fear of all that washing up!).

So fellow foodies, please join me on this culinary adventure… I look forward to hearing about your food travelling experience to France. Please return by midnight on the last day of September, latest.

In order to take part, here are the rules.

  • you must link back to this post in your post
  • you must link back to Tandy’s Lavender and Lime post in your post
  • you must include the widget in your post:

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