A few months ago I did a drop off dinner for a Jewish client, Joy.  Since then she has begged me for the recipe for the dessert.  As anyone who visits my blog can tell, I am a very sporadic blogger – as much as I love writing and sharing, I suffer from major overthinking and by the time I have something to write about, I’ve moved on to the next thing.  Today is Joy’s birthday, so I’m not going to ignore her request any longer and finally I’m sharing the recipe.  Thank you for being so patient Joy!


The main course was roast lamb and veg, and Joy requested a light dessert to follow it.  She suggested a lemon mousse, which would go down well after a rich meal.  Being for a Jewish client, I could not mix meat and dairy in the meal and I searched the internet for non-dairy mousses.  I combined a couple of ideas and I’ll share with you what I came up with.  It was the first time I had ever made a mousse off-site and transported it, I feared it would arrive a sloppy mess, but it held it’s shape well.  This recipe has become my go-to quick dessert.