A recent encounter with a business venture has left me thinking a lot more than usual about why I choose to work with food.  I use the word ‘encounter’ because it was brief – in just 3 weeks I learned about the type of chef I am not.


It turns out that I am a food snob.  Even if I make a simple homely lasagne, I want it to be the best d*** lasagne possible.  I want to use the best quality mince, the juiciest tomatoes and preferably make the lasagne sheets from scratch.  I want to cook the meat sauce for hours to develop the flavour.  I want to create a luscious bechamel sauce and top it with real parmigiano-reggiano.


I work with food because I love to work with great food.  In my corporate and private catering, I strive to use the freshest and highest quality ingredients available.  I’m a personal chef so that I can purchase the kind of ingredients that my own budget rarely allows.  Besides its nutritional value, using high quality ingredients also reduces the time spent preparing the meals.


So it’s farewell to the corporate kitchen.  The lady who I brought in to help me in that kitchen has taken it over as her baby. Leaving me free to be a food snob again.  I’ve renamed the blog posts pertaining to the corporate kitchen with titles of Beatles songs – valuable, unforgettable and now in the past.  I don’t work on a tight budget… although I never spend flippantly, I use and serve everything I buy and I am always aware of minimising wastage of our precious food resources.  I also have the utmost respect for the people I am cooking for – I will always feed them only the very best.


And in four short paragraphs, I’ve given you the Food Philosophy that I live and work by… my shortest blog post to date.

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