The Food Crew grew up this week. We’re now in an office block in Salt River, with a kitchen overlooking Cape Town’s harbour and city. I haven’t had a chance to look out the window long enough to check if you can see the mountain. When I have a moment to breath, I’ll let you know.

I was taken on to the balcony yesterday and shown the ‘mind garden’ – a collection of potted plants and herbs, which is a staff initiative. I was thrilled to be asked to use the herbs in my cooking – and today my potato wedges were scented with freshly picked rosemary from a 4th floor balcony in the city.

My camera hasn’t come out of my bag since we’ve been in our new premises. I use the term ‘we’ lightly – the lady who I was hoping would be my assistant decided today that working in a kitchen was not for her. It’s a fast paced environment, and I’m hoping it doesn’t slow down. Not only do I have a gorgeous view, but there’s also ample fridge space and the kind of gas stove/wide oven that caterer’s dreams are made of. You know you’re in catering when your dreams include kitchen equipment and owning a refrigerated vehicle.

Getting the contract for this kitchen also means that I have over 100 potential customers on my doorstep. The trick now is to offer them an interesting menu, that is affordable on a daily basis. I’m also wading through admin, costing my recipes and deciding on an effective ordering system for breakfasts and lunches.

It’s all very new and exciting! I’m getting a good taste of how it is to be a ‘real’ chef, and a single mom. My darling son has to spend extra nights at his dad this week. And even though I only got home from the shops just before 10pm, I’m still over the moon at this opportunity to work closely with an amazing company.

The space I’ve acquired gives me space to grow. Both in cooking and in business.

Of course, this is a welcome distraction to making it to be one of the final 6 contestants in the Freshly Blogged competition. When I applied for Freshly Blogged I was just about to move home. For months my focus had been on finding the ‘right’ place, much closer to my son’s school. At that time I was driving from Noordhoek to my breakfast delivery in Woodstock. I welcomed something new in my life. Little did I know that I would be ‘Freshly Obsessed’ for 3 months. A dread was descending over me… What would life offer after Freshly Blogged?

It seems that my prayers have been answered with this kitchen. I’m using the effort and determination I found out I had during Freshly Blogged, to make the most of this new venture.

Time to get this post uploaded before I have to change the heading to ‘After Midnight…’

On Monday we find out who has made it into the Final 3 of Freshly Blogged, having this kitchen means that I have something to hold on to if the competition comes to an abrupt end for me. Best case scenario is that I’m tasked to cook over the public holiday in preparation to leave my kitchen and cook off for the final of Freshly Blogged at the Taste of JHB.

But now let’s wrap this up, and get a few hours sleep before my morning visit to the bakery at 5am. Shjoe!