Corporate Breakfast Catering

The Food Crew offers an affordable corporate breakfast delivery service in Cape Town, daily or weekly – we can also tailor-make a menu for your breakfast or brunch event.


The service is flexible and the menu is based on the preferences of the staff. Shopping is done daily to get the freshest produce available. The baked products, breads, cheeses, meats and fruits are alternated daily for variety.


Breakfasts served daily

Office Breakfast

Breakfast for 10!

Changes Daily


Homemade Rusks

Homemade Rusks


We include the following in our breakfasts:

Fresh Fruit Salad

Seasonal Whole Fruit

Whole Avo

Sliced cucumber and tomato

Boiled Eggs

Cheese Board – includes camembert, brie, cheddar, gouda, emmenthal, edam, low fat cream cheese, goat’s chevin

Cured Meat Platter – hams and sliced smoked chicken/shaved turkey and shaved chicken/sliced rare roast beef and pastrami/smoked turkey, shaved smoked chicken, smoked salmon ribbons

Grilled Pork Chipolatas

Grilled Chicken Chipolatas

Selection of Artisanal Bread – 100% rye, seed loaf, ciabatta, kitke

Mini Yoghurts – smooth fruit and plain

Bircher’s Muesli – with apple, almonds and cranberries

Granola Muesli

Cereals – includes Special K, Cocopops, Wheatbix, Cornflakes

Jams – includes honey, peanut butter, strawberry jam, apricot jam, reduced oil mayo, nutella

Crackers – replenish crispbreads/ryvita/fincrisps/matzo

Butter – individual portions

Homebaked Rusks

Mini Croissants/Danish Pastries/Mini Savoury Quiches/Mini Muffins/Mini Bagels

Juice – fresh juice/peach ice tea concentrate


Office Breakfast